Does NeoGen Plasma Hurt? What to Expect During Treatment 

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NeoGen Plasma is gaining popularity as a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that promises rejuvenated skin and improved texture without the need for surgery. If you’re considering this innovative procedure in Newport Beach, CA, you might wonder: does NeoGen Plasma hurt?  

Understanding what to expect during NeoGen Plasma treatment can help ease any concerns you may have! 


How Does NeoGen Plasma Work? 

NeoGen Plasma at NeoGen Lift in Newport Beach, CA uses advanced plasma technology to target specific skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation irregularities. Unlike traditional laser treatments, NeoGen Plasma works by delivering controlled pulses of plasma energy to the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen production and triggering skin regeneration and skin tightening. This process effectively tightens and revitalizes the skin, offering noticeable results with minimal downtime. 


NeoGen PSR at NeoGen Lift in Newport Beach, CA treats a range of skin issues: 

  • crepey skin 
  • dark circles 
  • droopy eyelids 
  • dull skin tone and uneven skin tone 
  • rough skin texture 
  • skin laxity (loose skin) 
  • stretch marks 
  • sun damage 


Does NeoGen Plasma Hurt? 

Neogen Plasma treatment.

One of the most common questions about NeoGen Plasma is whether the treatment is painful. The experience varies from person to person, but most patients report mild discomfort rather than pain during the procedure. Before starting the treatment, your practitioner will apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort throughout the session. This numbing cream helps minimize any potential discomfort during the treatment. 

During the procedure, you may feel a warm sensation or mild tingling as the NeoGen Plasma device is applied to your skin. The device emits controlled plasma energy, which may cause a slight prickling sensation. However, the majority of patients tolerate the treatment well and find it manageable.  

The duration of the treatment session depends on the areas being treated, but sessions typically last between 30 minutes to an hour. 


What to Expect During Your NeoGen Plasma Treatment 

  1. Consultation: Your NeoGen treatment journey begins with a thorough consultation with a qualified practitioner. During this consultation, your practitioner will assess your skin concerns, discuss your expectations, and determine if NeoGen is suitable for you. 
  1. Preparation: Before the treatment, your skin will be cleansed to remove any makeup, oil, or debris. Your practitioner will then apply a topical numbing cream to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. 
  1. Treatment Session: Once the numbing cream has taken effect, your practitioner will begin the NeoGen Plasma treatment. They will gently pulse the handheld device at a distance over the targeted areas, delivering controlled plasma energy to the skin’s surface. You may hear a slight snapping sound as the plasma energy interacts with your skin. 
  1. Post-Treatment Care: After the treatment session, your skin may appear slightly red or warm, like a mild sunburn. This is a normal response and typically subsides within a few hours to a day. Your practitioner will provide post-care instructions, including skincare recommendations and sun protection guidelines, to optimize your results and ensure proper healing. 
  1. Results: While some patients notice immediate improvements in skin tone and texture, optimal results typically develop over the following weeks as collagen continues to rebuild, and the skin rejuvenates. Multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve your desired results, depending on your skin concerns and treatment goals. 


Is There Pain During Downtime & Recovery? 

Any discomfort during recovery is typically minimal for most patients. In the days following the treatment, you may notice some minor swelling or sensitivity in the treated area. This is a normal part of the skin’s healing process and typically resolves within a few days. 

NeoGen Plasma is designed to minimize any unnecessary trauma to the skin, which results in minimal downtime. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.  

It’s important to follow post-care instructions provided by your practitioner, such as avoiding direct sun exposure and using recommended skincare products to support healing. 

During months to a year, you will see ongoing improvement as new, fresh skin cells regenerate to reveal a more youthful appearance. A wide range of skin concerns will continue to improve as the entire skin architecture remodels itself as a natural healing response. 


How Does the Comfort of NeoGen Compare to Lasers and RF?

Radiofrequency microneedling treatment being performed on a woman's neck.

Radiofrequency microneedling treatment being performed on a woman’s neck.

In the quest for skin rejuvenation, there are many energy treatments on the market, varying in function and pain levels, two of the most popular being lasers and radio frequency microneedling. 

NeoGen Plasma treatments typically involve a warm sensation during the procedure, often accompanied by mild tingling or snapping sensations as the plasma energy is applied to the skin. However, discomfort is generally minimal, especially with the application of topical numbing cream beforehand. 

Energy levels can be tailored to your skin type and recovery timeline, allowing for lighter treatments that cause less discomfort – if any. 

Laser Treatments 

In contrast, laser treatments vary widely in sensation depending on the type of laser used and treatment depth. Some lasers can cause moderate “pins and needles” sensations during treatment, and post-procedure effects such as redness, swelling, and sensitivity can last from a few hours to several days. 

More intensive procedures are often done with sedation as the treatment can be intolerable for patients even with numbing cream and other forms of anesthetic. 

RF Microneedling 

RF microneedling treatments like Morpheus8 can indeed involve some discomfort during the procedure. This is due to the depth of the hated needles that penetrate the skin, with many patients finding the treatment intolerable even with numbing cream.  

Patients often report feeling heat and a prickling or stinging sensation as the microneedles penetrate the skin and deliver RF energy. The sensation is more intense in areas where the skin is thinner or more sensitive. 


Turn the Clock Back Without Unnecessary Pain! 

Ease your hesitations! With advanced nitrogen plasma technology combined with our expert providers and specially developed treatment protocols, you can rest assured your treatment will be comfortable – yet effective. Firmer, more youthful-looking skin can be yours without sacrificing your sanity! 

Book a consultation today at NeoGen Lift in Newport Beach, CA today! 

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